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3D Printing

Once you have a 3D model, there are several more steps to get your model printed. A finished 3D model should be in either an. stl or .obj format. You can save/export this type of file from TinkerCad or Blender. From there, you need convert that file into a .gcode format. This process cuts the 3D model in to layers and instructs the 3D printer on the temperature and speed of the print. The program we use to make .gcode files is called Cura.; it can be downloaded for free at This software needs to be installed on a computer. There is a computer with this software in the maker space. Cura is a free program released by Ultimaker but it is not proprietary; it can be used with any model of 3D printer.  

Build plate adhesion 

Bed Temperature 

Print Supports 

Print Density 

Extruder Temperature 

Extruder Speed