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Testing Checklist

Thursday before

Announcement, email, teacher reminder, to testing students to do a Testnav check. Send directions over email/Teams.

Friday and Monday: IT support at lunches to help

Day beforeĀ 

Cart of computers:

  • Charged and functioning.
  • Windows Update + Check Test Nav
Day of
  • Roles: Computer Checkout, Dispatch, Direct Support
  • Computer Checkout- be ready to check out (charged and updated) computers to students who missed or forgot. Avoid handing out chargers if possible. It is easier to track computers.
  • Dispatch- Teachers will get the attention of someone with a walkie if they need tech support. Walkie will report the room needed. Dispatch will use Signal to reach out to direct support.
  • Direct Support- Watch Signal for rooms to assist. Be aware of common issues/problems with the laptops, test software student side, test software on the administration side (see notes from previous test administrations).