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Clever Rostering Issue

HMH Ed. One of our online learning system that contains the best of technology, content and instruction which personalized teaching and learning experience for both teachers and student. In the beginning of the school year a data sync rostering was done but was not synced correctly some fields were missing, (username for student for example) we had issues were student data where not synced properly, thereby some student were not assigned to the right classes, teachers and grades. So After many calls to Clever our single sign-on for education to tech support we were unable resolved the issue.

After two months of not able to find the resolution the IT department decided to setup a meeting for all players involved the Assistance Superintendent of Curriculum and instruction and the Technology coach. After the meeting and fruitful discussions, we were able to find what were the problems. Our Network Administrator download Install and configured HMHCore Clever application inside of Clever. We had to remove all the prior data that was plugged into HMH from the past manually inputted usernames/passwords. We then logged into the back-end of HMH website and changed the setting for SSO to “On”. Lastly, we had to direct all of our users to login via Clever rather than going directly to the HMH website.